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solar powered garden lights

solar powered led lights

solar LED light wholesaler from China, we can provide a full range of solar lights: solar garden lights, outdoor solar wall lights, solar landscape lights, decorative solar lights and more. At the same time, provide OEM, ODM services for solar led lights and other related products.
Focus on solar light wholesale,China solar and led light is a very big market.our solar LED light online store provides the relevant bulk demand interface, you can submit your bulk demand directly through the “contact us” button, we will have a special person to connect with you, all orders Basically, At the same time, you will have independent product and price priority in the form of a premium member.

garden lights solar powered

consists of solar cell, battery, controller, inverter, LED lamp holder, control part (with controller and battery). Commonly used solar cells are polycrystalline silicon + lithium iron phosphate batteries. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is about 15%, up to 23%, and the service life of solar panels is generally up to 10 years and up to 15 years.

solar led lights

solar powered led lights are the most environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and easy-to-promote new lamps, and the market prospect is self-evident.At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the application layer, the solar light series products have gradually expanded to various types, including:
1.solar post light
2. solar street light
3.solar garden light
4.solar path light
5. solar light string and other outdoor solar lights .
Solar garden lights are the first choice for garden decorative lighting, energy saving, waterproof, beautiful, easy to install and long service life. If you need to know more about solar LED light prices or product details, you can also contact us directly by email. [email protected]


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