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Single Color

All strip light , we will keep the product consistency . For SMD5050 flexible Strip light we have 3 bestsell products 1) LD-FS-E-505010-60N is 22-23lm/leds , 2) LD-FS-C-505010-60N is 14-15lm/leds, 3) LD-FS-UL-505010-60N with UL approved . For SMD5630 flexible strip light we have 3 bestsell items 1)LD-FS-C-563010-60N with 60leds/Meter 2)LD-FS-C-563010-60N with 90leds/Meter , all 32-35lm/leds. 3) 24V type LD-FS-C-563010-60N-24V with 60leds/Meter


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